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This. Changes. Everything.

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Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!

This ancient Easter greeting was spoken back and forth between believers in Jesus who came to believe He was the Son of God who died for sin and was raised from the dead. This risen Savior will return one day to take home to heaven every person who trusts and follow Him. Our Communion liturgy says it this way: Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.

This. Changes. Everything.

Jesus of Nazareth is not a dead Rabbi who had some amazing moral teachings. His resurrection proves Him to be God-in-the-flesh whom death could not hold! His resurrection means He is the Son of God!

Jesus was not murdered by a weak Roman governor who gave in to the crowd. He laid down His life as payment for the sins of every human being who ever lived so all who believe in Him receive forgiveness instead of death! His resurrection means the Cross is the means of our redemption!

Death could not triumph over Jesus, and the One who conquered death offers life that cannot be destroyed. Death has been done in to death! His resurrection means death cannot destroy us!

This. Changes. Everything.

If death can no longer destroy us, what can? If 80 or 90 years of life on earth is a mere blip in eternity, what bad thing can happen here that ruins eternal existence in heaven? Knowing we are alive in Christ we can live a life or purpose and meaning and joy. His resurrection means life will end well for His followers, no matter how harsh it is for a time.

If crucifixion ends in resurrection, there is no limit to what God can redeem in our lives. Followers of Jesus do suffer. We do have bad things happen to us. But we always have hope. No matter how crushing life becomes, we follow the One whom death could not hold! We follow the One who turned an execution into the means of redemption for a fallen and lost humanity whom God loves with self-sacrificing love!

This. Changes. Everything.

The one piece of incontrovertible evidence I have that Christ is risen from the dead is that He lives in me and has changed my life. And the evidence of over 2,000 years of changed lives is evidence that: Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!

Happy resurrection day! Never forget:

This. Changes. Everything.

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