Hometown: Lafayette


Family Info: I am the youngest of six siblings, husband-Mike, daughters-Hannah & Haley-married to Alex, parents of Ava, step-sons-Criss & Cam


When did you join the staff of DUMC? 2007


Favorite Scriptures: Romans 8:28

What do you do for fun? Watching movies or hanging out with family

What was your first job? McDonalds

Favorite books All the books written by Karen Kingsbury, but I also love a good self-help book


What makes you laugh? Just about anything… funny videos


What’s your hidden talent or a fun fact about you? Nothing hidden here so a fun fact is that I enjoy coloring


Favorite movie? Bridesmaids


Favorite music? 80's and MercyMe


Favorite place to visit? The beach

Favorite indulgence? Being lazy on my couch


Who has influenced you the most in ministry? Melinda Walls