Hometown: West Lafayette, IN



Family Info:  Brandon (Husband), Owen Taylor (18 – doing a Gap year program) Chase Taylor (15 – Sophomore) Tyler (11 – 5th grade) Gavin (8 – 3rd Grade)  Murphy (8-year-old, 100 lb golden doodle) Cookie (1-year-old 15 lb mini golden doodle).  I am the 2nd out of 6 kids!   



When did you join the staff of DUMC?  September 1, 2021



Favorite Scriptures:  Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 43, Psalm 62:1-2



What do you do for fun?  I like to work out, shop, and read. 



What was your first job?  I did a lot of babysitting!!


A few favorite books?  “Safe People”, “Swipe Right”, Rachel Hauck books, “Blackout”, “The President Will See You Now”. I read/listen to a lot of books.  



What makes you laugh?  People!  I love to people watch.  Funny, true, stories…crazy stuff happens to me and my family, and I love to retell. I live with all males, so bathroom humor?



What’s your hidden talent or a fun fact about you?  I’ve run 2 half marathons, and I could not stand Brandon in high school…I prayed for him because I thought he was a loser.  



Favorite movies?  I love chick flicks……Hallmark…..Happy, Funny, movies!! 



Favorite music?  This white girl loves some rap and hip hop.  I like most music and styles!  As cheesy 90’s Christian as it sounds…Toby Mac’s music has always spoken to me in several seasons of my life. 



Favorite place to visit? Siesta Key, FL


Favorite indulgence?  CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!



Who has influenced you the most in ministry?  My parents.  They have always been active in the church and serving others.  They unselfishly help others no matter what season of life they are in.