Family Info: Married to my beautiful wife, Rachel. We have an amazing young son, Wesley, and 2 sweet dogs (Sora and Oliver).


When did you join the staff of DUMC? July 13, 2020



Favorite Scriptures: Proverbs 18:24, Psalm 100:2



What do you do for fun? Board games, hockey, golf, and movie nights



What was your first job? Sales at a guitar store



A few favorite books? I enjoy Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and always love to read Winnie the Pooh books with Wesley



What makes you laugh? Mostly the sounds and faces my son makes, as well as our favorite TV shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation.



What’s your hidden talent or a fun fact about you? As a child my dream job was to be an ice cream truck driver



Favorite movies? The Princess Bride (hence Wesley), Star Wars, Christopher Robin, The Avenger movies



Favorite music? Phil Wickham, Casting Crowns, Matthew West, MercyMe, Tenth Avenue North, and so many more



Favorite place to visit? Anywhere my friends and family are, or the beach!



Favorite indulgence? Dairy Queen Blizzards or white cheddar popcorn



Who has influenced you the most in ministry? Phil Wickham & Matthew West in worship, and my Mom, Melissa, as I came to know the Lord.