Hometown: Muncie, Indiana



Family Info: Married to Shirley since 06/11/1971

Twin Children – Rachel lives in Lafayette, works at Tippecanoe County Health in Disaster Preparedness.

Peter is married to Mindy. They live in North Carolina, where Peter works as a Physician's Assistant.

When did you join the staff of DUMC? July 1, 2009



Favorite Scriptures: Romans 8



What do you do for fun? Read, Cubs, Bears, Colts, Movies



What was your first job? Busser at Ponderosa Restaurant



A few favorite books? Anything by C.S. Lewis, Lord of the Rings Series



What makes you laugh? Jokes—puns, slapstick, my own frailties (like falling down with the grace of a walrus)



What’s your hidden talent or a fun fact about you? I carry over a 200 average on WII Bowling!



Favorite movies? Sci-Fi that is not ultra violent—Star Wars AND Star Trek



Favorite music? K-Love type Christian or 50’s/60’s Oldies (like me!)



Favorite place to visit? Colorado Springs—the Rockies are amazing!



Favorite indulgence? Chocolate



Who has influenced you the most in ministry? A mentor Pastor and friend, David Schramm. I’m more like Charles Stanley than Andy Stanley, but I appreciate Andy’s desire to connect with unchurched people. Thom Rainer gets it, I believe.