Hometown: Huntington, IN

Family Info: Married to Heidi since 08/16/1997   3 boys – Clayton – 9 in Third Grade, Connor -7 in 2nd grade and Matthias -5 in preschool.

What year did you join the staff of DUMC?  September 1, 2017

Favorite Scriptures: Ecc 7:14, Phil. 4:13, 23 Psalm 

What do you do for fun? Read, play guitar or drums or bass, several sports. I am unstoppable in fooseball and Dutch Blitz.

What was your first job? A mixture between delivering papers for Herald Press in Huntington and working at Penguin Point the people pleasing place.

A few favorite books? Anything by Max Lucado or C.S. Lewis

What makes you laugh? Random funny things  What do call a cat crawling in the desert, “Sandy Claws”

Favorite movies? Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Pride & Prejudice oh mine!!!! not my wife’s,  Starwars, Lord of the rings, Jason Bourne 

Favorite music? All kinds, Eagles, Journey, David Crowder, some country, some techno, Sandy Patty 

Favorite place to visit? Montana, Colorado.

Favorite indulgence? Chocolate Donuts

Who has influenced you the most in ministry? Mentors Brian Cramer and Tim Flickenger



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