Church Camp is Awesome!

My first experience at church camp was as a counselor. Growing up, I attended a Lutheran Church that never sent children or teens to church camp, that I remember. If they did, my mom and dad never sent me.

When I joined Shirley at her Evangelical United Brethren church, our pastor, Harold Frederick, directed Junior High Camp. He invited me to become a counselor, and I was hooked. That summer began thirty years of either counseling or directing church camps for elementary, junior high and high school students.

Church camp is awesome!

Getting away from the world and focusing on God for a week is life-changing. At church camp, I have seen children and teens receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. I have seen students forgive and begin to heal from dysfunctional family wounds and bullying at school. I've seen teenagers say "yes" to a call to ministry. I've seen students commit themselves to holiness of heart and life. I've seen the grace of Christ poured out in the lives of children and teens.

I'll say it again: church camp is awesome!

Today at Dayton UM Church is Camp Sunday. The sermon time will be given over to children and teens and adults who have attended elementary, junior high and senior high church camp this summer. They will testify to what God did at church camp. This Sunday each summer is a highlight Sunday for me, even though I am not preaching. I may or may not slip in a really bad groaner at some point in the services!

I thank God for and pray blessings for every person who made church camp possible for our children and teens. Counselors who go along to camp and pour out their lives have earned treasure in heaven! Every member who prayed for camp added to the anointing of the Holy Spirit there. Parents who invested hundreds of dollars to send their children to church camp received back deeper, more committed disciples. All the folks who have eaten donuts and drunk coffee in the coffee shop helped make church camp possible because the proceeds from the coffee shop go to a fund to help kids go to camp and mission trips.

God is working among the youngest generations at Dayton UM Church! Children and teens are learning how much God loves them and how much it means that Christ died for them. Ministries like church camp, Vacation Bible School, Overhaul youth ministry, Orange children's ministry and the upcoming Impact Sports basketball and cheerleading program are impacting kids for Christ.

I'm overjoyed to serve a congregation that puts high priority on children's and youth ministry. God is impacting the youngest generations through the serving and giving and prayers of all of us together. What an incredible joy!

If you live around Lafayette, I would invite you to join us today at 8:00, 9:30 or 11:00 for Church Camp Sunday. I believe you will be blessed beyond measure, because church camp is awesome!

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