Waiting is Hard

Sometimes I wait well. Sometimes I am impatient.

My impatience tends to rise up when I am forced to wait and I'd rather be moving forward. Like waiting at a railroad crossing when a train has the crossing blocked and is not moving. Or waiting at the fifth traffic signal in a row. (It just seems like, in this age of computers, traffic lights could be synchronized on a main thoroughfare so the traffic keeps moving, instead of stopping-at-every-light-for-blocks!)

I tend to wait more patiently when I have a clear goal, I know how long it is going to take, and I anticipate a great outcome. Like cooking steaks on the grill. Or when I participated in some weeks of physical therapy after my knee replacement surgeries. 

Truth is: some things just take time, and fretting about the time it takes is counter productive. Each session of my physical therapy represented a step forward toward full use of my knee, and it was worth the wait (and the pain and challenge of the therapy).

Sometimes the answer God gives to our praying is, "Wait." I am convinced God is not out to frustrate us or to make us wait for waiting's sake. Shirley and I prayed for children for ten years before the Lord blessed us with the adoption of twins. He could not have blessed us with Peter and Rachel at any time earlier in the waiting because they had not been born, yet!

We live in a microwave culture. It is excruciating to wait 30 seconds for that video to download and start playing. We prefer Netflix so we can watch the episodes of the program we want to see whenever we want to watch, rather than waiting until 9:00 next Tuesday. We pack our lives with so many activities we are constantly running to the next thing, and we often don't wait well.

But Psalm 37:7 says, "Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him." (KJV)

Rest and wait patiently. That is an exercise in trusting God for what is coming. That is a posture of faith, believing God knows what is best for me and is faithful to provide it. That puts me in the position of drawing near to Him while I wait for the illness to be healed or a life's partner who will bless and complement my life.

Take a deep breath. Slow down. Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. When God does move to answer the prayer, it will be the perfect answer in His perfect timing. Rest in the Lord...

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